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  1. Diverse Gaming Universe: Dive into a vast world of games spanning across genres, from heart-pounding action adventures to mind-bending puzzles. We curate a collection that guarantees there's something for everyone.
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Zomob Studio Latest Featured Games

Board Game Fusion

Board Game Fusion is a friend and family game that was once played by kings and now it can be enjoyed by you and your family and friends. You'll be playing these Games for hours and it's fun for the whole family. Board Game Fusion is a perfect time-pass game of board game. You played games in your childhood, now play on your phone and tablet. Play with your family and friends through Local and Online Multiplayer. Play with world players and make them your buddies. Graphics with a classic look and the feel of a board game.

Classroom Simulator

Classroom Simulator is an Education based Game. Prove you are the smartest by answering questions. Step up your quiz game by answering Back to School Questions! Challenge friends and family in this Classroom Simulator! RANKING will help you to compete with others.

Wild Escape Run

Swipe left and right to manipulate animals to eat more food and avoid obstacles. Don't underestimate these obstacles, you will fall into the trap at any time. Not only will you encounter a lot of obstacles, but you will also encounter many enemies on the way to pass, you must defeat them, otherwise you will not be able to win the final victory. You can freely choose your favorite role to challenge in the game. Each role has a different form at different stages . Can't wait to be discovered.

Bubble Blaster

Love the classic pop-all bubble blaster games? Want a new bubble blaster game with sleek gameplay and endless high-score challenge? Meet Bubble Blaster: Panda Rescue! Enjoy the pop bubble blaster fun and prove that you are the best bubble hit master among all your friends and other Bubble Blaster players. All you need is to shoot bubbles (at least 3) of the same color without letting them crush you! Shoot to match 3 or more sweet bubbles.

Greed For Speed

Greed Speed 3D is an endless car drifting game in which the player has to avoid the police and obstacles and collect cash. The cash can be exchanged for new vehicles that can better help you avoid the police.

Laser Fighter

Laser Fighter is a fun, addictive game that you can play online with your friend or with random. All you have to do is dodge the enemy and use your superpower laser to defeat your enemies. You have to coordinate with your teammate as the laser can only be active up to a few meters. You need to stay together and plan together your strategy. Have Fun Playing this super addictive game.


Dingo in Unfair World is a 2d platformer Super challenging arcade, action difficult game! There are different traps and obstacles to make your way hard. The 10 super-challenging levels of this super-hard game will make you crazy. So Download the game, and Work your way through 10 epic difficult levels to beat the game!✓ It is full of infinite challenges and traps, made for only the most experienced gamers. If you think you have what it takes give it a try.

Run For Survival

Run For Survival is a 3d game with 3 different Modes. In the Skipping Stone mode, you must cross the river using stones. Be Careful, there will be fake stones that will throw you into the river. In the Lava Rush and Fall Bridge, you need to show your skills and reflexivity to dodge the phony bridge.

Epic Ninja Warrior Run

Race with others, achieve levels and unlock new characters. Every level brings a new unique fun experience. Hold to run, release to stop. True parkour experience! Complete all the parkours with lots of different obstacles and experience breathtaking challenges. Take risks to be first. Collect diamonds and explore dozens of new characters. Epic Ninja Warrior Run also has Epic Levels in which you need to change the way you play and get rewards Avoid obstacles, be fast, and beat the rest.

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